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January 10, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --This is why Jim Crow laws existed. 

A group of black females flailed at one another in a Jackson, Mississippi grocery.  The brawl was captured on video but ignored by the mainstream national media that prefers to only report store fights that involve white people. 

Jim Crow laws were imminently unfair to sane black people who hold social propriety in high regard. However, the absence of Jim Crow laws is imminently unfair to white people who often find themselves denied access to the social and commercial infrastructure they created due to black violence.

The brawling females are a stark contrast to "commercial Negros" depicted in television commercials. Commercial Negros are usually portrayed as dark white people and serve to project a false perception of reality. However, those who prefer to remain sane accept reality for what it is. And what it is: Impulse control seems to be disproportionately lacking among blacks relative to other people groups; a substrate of IQs that average in the range of about 85 among America's black population. 

Caroll Swain, PhD, is an example of a sane black woman
Not all black females are violent nor are all violent females black. 

Dr. Caroll Swain, a former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, has authored eight books and provides commentary on national television. She has never been known to brawl in a grocery. 

 From ajc.com ▼

A grocery store in Mississippi was closed down and a security guard was injured Saturday night after six women got into fight inside the business, WAPT reported.

The guard was hurt when he tried to break up the fight at the Food Depot in Jackson, the television station reported.

According to witnesses, the women threw cantaloupes and produce and hit the guard in the head with a glass bottle of syrup, WAPT reported.

In addition to a floor full of fruit and vegetables, the women left torn-out hair extensions and broken merchandise, the television station reported.

Store supervisor Mike Rosamond said the matter is still being investigated by the Jackson Police Department, and so far there have been no arrests, the Clarion-Ledger reported. One reason was because all the women left the store before police arrived, WJTV reported.


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