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January 1, 2019 -- A group of four asylum seeker took up position at the rail station, then randomly assaulted Germans as they disembarked from trains. 

Twelve victims were injured. 

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The excess of violence occupies the people in Amberg very much. A resident reports to the newspaper that she no longer feels safe: "You feel like a stranger in your own city," said the 74-year-old. Another sees the trigger for the violence, especially in alcohol : "Once a drunk, the reactions are no longer predictable." It does not matter whether someone is German or not.

The four young men between the ages of 17 and 19 had started their fight tour in the station area on Saturday evening: They were said to have punched an arriving traveler several times in the face. A few minutes later they beat on the station forecourt on two other passers-by and were then able to escape first. Shortly thereafter, the men are said to have injured a total of nine more people.


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  1. If they had a second amendment they could protect themselves from these thugs.

  2. There is something about shooting a thug in the face that makes others think twice before they attack the next guy.


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