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December 7, 2018 -- Here's a suggestion: Snap out of your media-induced fantasies and face the brutal fact that black communities are dangerous. Very dangerous. 

I would say, 'Ask Shaun Hamblen.' But you can't ask Shaun Hamblen. He's dead. The 23-year-old white man was abducted shortly after leaving LA Fitness in East Memphis, Tennessee. Hamblen's Ford Focus was found by authorities. Then, ten miles away, his dead body was discovered. He had been shot multiple times. Robbery and rascality were the apparent motives. 

About the suspects:

     Alfonso Amos — along with the other man connected to the crime, Deeric Walton — both have a criminal past.

    Walton just got out of prison this year after serving four years, and according to a woman WREG talked to Friday, and police said both men have been committing crimes since they were teenagers.

    Amos was charged three years ago with breaking into a woman's Fox Meadows home, where he left DNA evidence. Police were able to go straight to Amos because while trying to get away, he cut himself climbing out of the woman's window.

    For that woman, the reason Hamblen was killed is clear.

    "It's all about robbery — burglary — that's what it’s about," she said. "That young man is dead because they wanted something he had just like they wanted something in here."


    Walton was released from prison this year after being behind bars for four years in relation to a dice game that ended in robbery. While there are many revelations coming out about the two men as time goes on, Hamblen's family is trying their best to focus on the support.

This was a black-on-white crime; the type of crime the national media ignores and local media mentions with passing notice. It's the type of crime Hollywood refuses to portray. 

However. Had this crime occurred 100 years ago, there would have been hell to pay. A lynch mob would have stormed the county jail within hours of the arrests as word of mouth was more efficient in the day than Facebook has ever been. 

That's not to condone or encourage lynching. It is to suggest that white Americans have lost sight of reality and, as a result, are losing their lives.

From ▼

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say the killing of a man abducted from an East Memphis parking lot was no random act.

Memphis Police on Friday night positively identified a body found in a home in the Cherokee area Thursday as 23-year-old Shaun Hamblen, who'd been reported missing ever since he was last seen getting into a Ford Focus in the parking lot of LA Fitness at Poplar and Perkins.

Two men are charged in connection with his death, but police said the meeting between the suspects and victim in the parking lot was prearranged.

"This was not a random incident. Shaun Hamblen was the targeted victim," police posted on their Facebook page.



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