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December 2, 2018

Sargon of Akkad -- Who am I missing?

Here's my top-ten alt-rightish YouTube channel list. If I'm missing someone, please clue me in the comment section.

I don't label myself alt-right. Rather, I'm an advocate of free speech and freedom of association.

Most everyone has a seat at my speakers' table. If all are given a voice, intelligent people can sort it out.

So let them have their say. Alt-right; ult-left, fundamentalists, atheists, and those guys who think there are space aliens living among us. 

I consider myself a patriot and believe the founders got it right the first time (with only minor tweaking. We could have done without that slavery thing, for example.)

Using subscriber count as the criteria, here are the top-ten alt-right-leaning YouTube channels I found.

1 - Sargon of Akkad 860,000 >

2 - Black Pigeon 434,000 >

3 - James Allsup  381,000 >

4 - Styxhexenhammer666  322,000 >

5 - Red Ice 273,000 >

6 - The Iconoclast 175,000 > 

7 - Brother Nathaniel 151,000 >

8 - American Renaissance 89,000 >

9 - David Duke 85,000 >

10 - Ways of the world 72,000 >

11 - Jean-Francois GariƩpy 44,000 >

12 - EthnoState with Bill Johnson and Paul Fromm 45,000 >

13 -  Renaissance Horizon (New channel) ►


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