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December 4, 2018 -- A recent poll reveals that about four of five French residents oppose more migration. Nonetheless, 60 percent said France has a duty to accept refugees fleeing their home countries. 

The opinions of ethnic French is not known. The ethnic composotion of the nation's population is difficult to determine because it is illegal to collect racial or ethnic data in France. 

According to Wikipedia, "In 2008, it was reported that 11.8 million foreign born immigrants and their immediate descendants were residents in the country; a figure which accounted for around 19% of the total population of the time."

The population in 2008 was about 64.5-million. About 18 percent of the population at the time were first or second generation migrants. 

Given the 2.5-million increase in population since 2008 and a negative birth rate among whites, it is safe to presume that about 21 percent of residents in France are first and second generation foreigners whose opinion would skew the poll in favor of continued immigration.

From Le Journal du Dimanche ▼ Google translation

The  JDD publishes in exclusivity a vast study on immigration in France, conducted by Ifop in partnership with the Jean-Jaurès Foundation and the American Jewish Committee. This survey reveals a hardening of French opinion with regard to the reception of foreigners in the country, even if a sharp left-right divide persists.

Eight in ten French consider that our country should not accommodate additional foreigners, but the opinion remains divided - if not divided - on the solutions to be put in place to achieve this goal. The in-depth study conducted by Ifop for the JDD , the Jean-Jaurès Foundation and the American Jewish Committee highlights a growing unease with the migratory phenomenon , which has become one of the most inflammable topics in the national debate and the object of political cleavages more and more assertive.

Fear of the "call of air"

Basically, a verdict without appeal: a majority of French (52%) believes that we welcome "too many foreigners", and just over a quarter (27%) that we welcome "enough" . In the same spirit, 64% of our fellow citizens adhere to the idea that "our country already has many foreigners and to welcome additional immigrants is not desirable". This refusal is largely explained (77%) by the fear that too welcoming a policy will attract even more foreigners (the famous theory of the "call for air"), than immigrant labor does not contribute to "pull wages down" (71%), that the difference in "values" does not cause "problems of cohabitation" (60%). The "terrorist risk"

However, a clear majority (60%) also think that the reception of migrants fleeing their country is "a duty" for France. This feeling is strongly shared among the youngest (75% of 18-24 year olds), retirees (67%), senior managers (69%), supporters of the left (81%) and macronistes (83%) , and even among sympathizers of the right (58%), while it is a minority among the workers (47%), the non-graduates (44%) and the voters Le Pen (24%).



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