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December 10, 2018

Black student appears to jab a white man as he tells the truth about white innovation -- White people built modern civilization. 

Saying that, however, will get you labeled a 'white supremacist' and accused of harassment. Such words will be characterized as a "racially charged incident" and news reoprts will almost certainly drag out rare and questionable accusations of white-on-black violence from the past while ignoring generations of black-on-white violence.  

How do we know? Such was the case as recently reported by Viz:

Julian von Abel had the audacity to speak the truth at Columbia University. The incident was video recorded posted on Twitter. 

Who is Julian von Abel?

According to, von Abel is a physics student set to graduate in 2021. He published a book on his research into parallel universes. 

From Elina Arbo ▼

A group of primarily black Columbia underclassmen were harassed outside Butler Library around 4 a.m. Sunday morning by a white student shouting, “White people are the best thing that happened to the world” and “We built modern civilization,” according to students present at the scene.

Julian von Abele, CC ’21, followed the students from outside Butler to JJ’s Place, where he continued to berate them with racist and white supremacist comments in an incident that was captured on video by students and has since gone viral on social media.


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