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Seriously? junk food causes violent behavior?

December 25, 2018 --Not all ethnic groups are created the same. East Asians tend to be intelligent, industrious, and law abiding. African migrants gravitate towards street thuggery as if they were pre-programmed for criminal violence. 

Not all African migrants are violent thugs and not all violent thugs are violent. But the preponderance of violent crime weighs heavily on the dark side. 

For example:

A group of middle-aged Vietnamese men were strolling through Melbourne, Australia. A group of young African males demanded the Vietnamese hand over their smokes. When the Asians refused, they were set upon with violent blows. A bystander told local media that such attacks have occurred "many, many times" in the past and affects business. 

The attack was captured on video. 


A similar attack was video recorded in Maine, USA, where a white couple was set upon by black youths -- some wearing hijabs -- evidence that black thuggery is genetically predisposed.

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