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November 14, 2018

DAILYKENN.com --Adorable men who appear to be of non-British ancestry were video recorded using a machete and hammers to attack a man in broad daylight on a crowded street. 

Voices in the background, presumed to be those video recording the attack, are speaking a foreign language. This is one attack that was captured by video. How many other attacks are not video recorded and not known to the public?

Globalists are turning Western nations in s**thole no-go zones. The problem is: There is nowhere to go. 

Islamic insurgents are imagined to be refugees fleeing violence when, in reality, they are infecting Western nations with their violent culture. When Westerners seek refuge from the fake refugees, they have nowhere to flee. 

From dailymail.co.uk ▼  Sophie Law For Mailonline

This is the shocking moment a gang hack at a man with huge machetes and brutally attack him after knocking him to the floor.   

A horrified resident captured the footage from the window of a nearby home on Trinity Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham.

Two thugs brandishing 3.5 foot long machetes can be seen using them to repeatedly strike the victim on his head and body as he cowers on the ground.

Other members of the gang throw vicious kicks, stamp on the victim's head and use hammers to beat him.  

Two members of the public bravely step in to confront the thugs, who sprint away down the road. 


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