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November 22, 2018 -- The Honduran invasion force may face lethal opposition from the US military, according to Donald Trump. The so-called "caravan" of "migrants" includes women and children, apparently as shields. 

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We wonder:

Were the participants recruited and paid? Or did they pay to participate?

Who organized the invasion? Who is underwriting the cost?

Why has the CIA and other intelligence organizations infiltrated the caravan in an effort to destabilize it? (Or have they?)

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 US President Donald Trump has given troops permission to use lethal force if needed at the border with Mexico, adding that there could be a government shutdown next month over border security.

Trump's statements come just one day after US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he had been granted authority to allow troops to exhibit greater power to help protect border officials.

US President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (file photo) ‘Dangerous disgrace’: Trump mulls breaking up 9th Circuit, hits back at SCOTUS chief justice

Around 5,800 active duty troops have been sent to the US-Mexico border to bolster defenses ahead of the expected arrival of a migrant caravan consisting mostly of Hondurans.



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