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November 17, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Jury's are often wrong. Good men and women are incarcerated from crimes they did not commit. Sometimes the truth comes out and injustice is made right. Sometimes the truth is never known and innocent people spend years behind bars and decades living with humiliation. 

Patricia Stallings was convicted of murdering her infant son. She was sentenced to life in prison. The jury was wrong and Stalling was released. How many others remain in prison for crimes they did not commit?

We come to wrong conclusions. We believe that which is not true. 

Let's turn our sites to history. Why do we believe what we believe? We believe because evidence has been presented. Like jurors, we ponder what we hear and see and choose to believe our conclusions. 

There are those, for example, who believe the moon landing was a hoax. Most of us believe it was no hoax. Both sides weigh the evidence and offer a personal verdict. 

Others are persuaded the 9-11 attack was a Zionist conspiracy. Most of us are convinced the mainstream narrative is, for the most part, accurate. 

Some claim the Jewish holocaust was a hoax. Others disagree. The preponderance is so overwhelming that some governments banned holocaust "denial." The skeptics persist, equally convinced that the evidence demands the verdict that the Jewish holocaust never occurred. 

Who is correct? I've come to the conclusion that one can never come to a conclusion.


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