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November 27, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- The actual number of false allegations is 5.9 percent.

So why does the headline read, "10% of sex abuse allegations are fake"?

The ten percent is based on the study's abstract, which reads, "...the prevalence of false allegations is between 2% and 10%."

So let's go with the high end: 10 percent.

Is that honest? Not really. 

What if we had reported the low end; 2 percent? 

Would that be dishonest? 

Maybe we should ask the author of a Washington Post article who asserted:

In fact, studies indicate that the prevalence of false accusations of sexual assault is as low as 2 percent.

So why would Patterson focus so much attention on a 2 percent non-issue while brushing past the 98 percent epidemic?
At issue is Paige Patterson, the Southern Baptist icon who was fired for alleged misconduct. No trial. No jury. No conviction. 

Patterson's alleged failure was not sexual impropriety. Rather, the minister and former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) was fired "for a history of misogynistic comments and mishandling of sex abuse allegations."

Apparently a female claimed to have been raped. She allegedly reported the alleged rape to Patterson who allegedly failed to report the allegation to government authorities; the police. Why the alleged victim apparently didn't report the alleged rape to police was not addressed. 

Patterson lost his job and his retirement. 

So the correct number is 5.9 percent. It's not 10 percent. It's not 2 percent. It's 5.9 percent. 

There is another questionable statistic cited. 

According the aforementioned article we are told, "...he was publicly asked to resign by 3,500 women in his own denomination".

Seriously? Exactly 3,500 women? Not 3,499 or 3,501? Exactly 3,500?

Large round numbers are often inaccurate because they are usually estimates. What's more the author offered no citation that I saw for the big round number. 

Apparently there was an online petition circulated "which grew from 100 to more than 1,000 signatories on Sunday night" that was addressed to the trustees at SWBTS. The petition, apparently started in April, 2018, demanded the resignation of Patterson. By the time the "two percent" article was published in September the number had apparently "swelled" to 3,500 signatories over five months. 

Considering there are 16-million Southern Baptists (Google it), 3,500 represents barely 4/100 of a percent of the 8-million who are women. The author of the above article muses over a mere two percent, which is obviously the low end. But he seems unconcerned that only 0.04 percent of Southern Baptist women signed a petition to oust Patterson.

Who signed the petition? How do we know they are actually members of Southern Baptist Churches? How do we know they signatories are not cultural Marxist activists posing as Southern Baptists? How many of these signed the petition multiple times? How many are actually women? 

Maybe only 2 percent of the 0.04 percent are Southern Baptist women.

The bottom line is this: Evangelicals remain a thorn in the side of the far left. Evangelical women are particularly bothersome to them.

It appears the cultural Marxism cult is infesting evangelicalism by using the #metoo movement as the vehicle and Southern Baptists as it prime target of choice. 

Their message seems to be: If we can take down Patterson, we can take you down. So, you must comply with the cultural Marxist, domestic Marxist, anti-family, anti-Christian agenda.

Another Salem Witch Trial? Not really. At least the accused in Salem were afforded a trial. 


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