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November 26, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Someone is using your good name as her own.

She has convinced many that she is you, but she is not you.

Why would she do such a thing? 

Simple: If others knew her true identity, they would have nothing to do with her. So she wears your name to fool others. 

Your name is "Feminist." Her real name is "Cultural Marxist". 

Millions of women align themselves with her, Cultural Marxist, believing they are supporting you, Feminist. 

Using your good name she attacks the traditional family, attacks traditional womanhood, and has legitimized death clinics where over 60-million innocents have been killed in abortion chambers all in your good name. 

She has stolen other identities as well. 

She stolen the name, "Liberal."

But she is not liberal. She is authoritarian. She despises liberty. 

She stole the name, "Progressive."

But she is not progressive. She is regressive. She despises progress as is seen in very nation she controls.

She stole the name, "Environmentalist."

But she is not environmentalist. She uses our love for nature as a hack to embroil us into her cultural Marxist cult. Many of us fall for the ruse.   


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