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November 14, 2018 --
Most non-white invaders living in The Netherlands are professional welfare recipients. Second generation invaders are more likely to qualify for government handouts than first generation invaders. reports that about 80 percent of non-white invaders (migrants) from Eritrea live near the poverty level. That correlates with a relatively low average IQ (85) of Eritreans. The same is true of Syrians (79 percent) who have an average IQ of 83. [source]

Overall, 53 percent of invader households have low incomes. That's six time higher than ethnic Dutch with low incomes. The average IQ in The Netherlands is 100; abased on 2002 pre-invasion research.

What's worse, the incomes of invader households is decreasing. Future generations of non-whites living in The Netherlands will likely continue to live on the dole professionally.

Of the 79 percent of Syrian households below the income threshold that qualifies them for government assistance, about 95 percent rely on government assistance as their primary source of income. 

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