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November 21, 2018

REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko --A group of people pretending to be the opposite sex paraded in Kiev, Ukraine. 

As the group paraded through the streets of Ukraine's capital and largest city they were met with counter protesters who, according to reports, tossed tear gas. Assaults were also reported. 

The media referred to the counter demonstrators as "far-right radicals" and "ultra-nationalist mobsters."

Our prediction: Expect the media to continue to associate the word "nationalist" with extremism, racism, and intolerance. 

Our opinion: Free speech is a fundamental of Western culture. To infringe upon freedom of expression is to infringe upon Western values. The opposition should have held a counter demonstration without the violence. (One is left with the impression that the "far right" may have been roll-playing Marxists intent on creating martyrs among the transgender group while stigmatizing patriots as intolerant extremists.) 

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 Ultra-nationalist mobsters thwarted a transgender parade in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, spraying tear gas at participants and brawling with riot police who apparently failed to protect the gathering, local media reported.

Ukrainian LGBT activists planned to march through downtown Kiev on Sunday, but the event – intended to commemorate transgender victims of hate crime – never took place. As people began to gather outside one of the city’s metro stations, they were confronted by far-right radicals, who had previously threatened to target the parade.

At one point, a nationalist mobster used pepper spray on the LGBT crowd, injuring two people, according to local media.



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