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Student arrested for uttering
the N-word

November 29, 2018

(Kelsey Grey/Idaho Statesman/AP)

DAILYKENN.com --Ammon Bundy needs to visit the no-go zones in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Call it an eye-opening tour; a blood transfusion for the brain. First-hand experience of the effects of unrestrained immigration and the toll it takes on native populations should be sufficient to alleviate deficiencies in one's thinking processes. 

Bundy has criticized Trump's immigration policy, citing the possibility that some of the invaders from the Suderland may be sincerely seeking refuge from violence and corruption. 

What Bundy and his ilk are missing: The USA has a path to citizenship. The invasion force, popularly called a 'caravan,' is not on the right path. 

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