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November 15, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- By RockyD

 The reason Liberals don't know the difference between "nationalist" and "White Nationalist" is that they are so busy re-defining words & phrases that they get themselves confused. Like yesterday, two Libs screeched at me, "Trump banned CNN!" No, the White House booted goofy Jim Acosta; and only then because Acosta wouldn't obey the rules that everyone else agreed to. When Acosta drives a car, does he think stop signs don't apply to him, either?

Liberals simply do not know the definition of things. They also don't know history and they don't research things. They act upon emotions. The word "White" triggers their dainty sensibilities; so therefore if you put the word "White" in front of the word "nationalist," it makes the word "nationalist" bad, too, in their mind. To Liberals, if you put the word "White" in front of ANYTHING, it makes it bad. There are those who think the song "White Christmas" is racist. Ditto with January "White Sales."

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But did Trump say he was a "White Nationalist?" No. He said he was a nationalist.

Lincoln was a nationalist. So was Robert E. Lee. So were Roosevelt, Washington, Jefferson, and Winston Churchill, for that matter. Anyone who believes in the sovereign right of a people to form a nation and defend that nation is a nationalist.

I'm glad Trump refers to himself as a nationalist. Because I'm a nationalist, too. And if you believe in the sovereign right of the USA to survive, thrive and prosper, then you are a nationalist, as well. In fact, I'll take it one step further. If you do not believe in the sovereign right of the USA to survive, thrive and prosper, then you do not belong here. Additionally, if you hold allegiance to any foreign nation, or value that foreign nation above and beyond the USA, then you should move there.

So yeah; I'm a nationalist. Damn right I am. Proud of it, too.


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