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November 2, 2018 --"When they go low," he said, "we kick 'em."

That mandate of hate and violence issued by Eric Holder has all-too-often been taken literally by the far-left. And Marsha Blackburn, a conservative senate candidate in Tennessee includes video evidence of the leftist hate in a recent campaign ad. 

Google Ads objected and flagged the ad as "shocking."

Imagine that: Even Google acknowledges the extent of leftist hate. 

Apparently "going low" to Democrats is synonymous with "disagree with us." 

Holder is a former Attorney General who served under Barack Obama. 

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Google Ads is being accused of trying to censor a campaign ad from Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn because it contained "shocking" footage of left-wing protesters.

The Tennessee congresswoman, running for Republican Sen. Bob Corker's seat, reportedly sought to promote the campaign videos to Google search users, but the effort was denied.


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  1. "How long will we continue to believe we can “out sneak” and out-wit the jews by “smart” demagoguery , when they are the world’s champion sneaks and demagogues?
    For every sneaky lie we can tell, (such as we are “not racists”,) the Jew can tell the much better and more convincing lies.
    The people must learn that our race of people can’t win by any kind of sneaking- even when its considered clever sneaking, such as denying that one is a "racist’, and even saying that “racism is evil”.

    -George Lincoln Rockwell