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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

November 23, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Two millennia of Christian doctrine have flowed under the bridge, and theologians are still fixing it. 


Are we to believe Christians had it wrong all this time? That, to me, is a shabby foundation upon which to base one's faith. 

Case it point: The Archbishop of Canterbury has decided that God has no gender. Masculine references to God are endemic to a patriarchal society. 

Most who are even nominally familiar with Christian doctrine are aware that God has always been understood as a spirit being. Spirits -- all of them -- lack the physiology that determines gender. There are no angels, for example, with XY chromosomes. 

English needs a gender neutral personal pronoun because, until the 21st century, the concept of gender neutrality when applied to humans was almost unheard of. The word it is gender neutral, but is almost never used to refer to humans.  There may be exceptions. I know of none. 

Consequently we feel compelled to assign gendered pronouns to non-mammalian entities. 

Applying feminine pronouns to ships, for example, doesn't imply a matriarchal gestalt. Vehicles of all sorts seem to be feminine; regardless of engine size or horsepower. "Rev it up" sounds reasonable. "Rev her up" sounds fine. "Rev him up" just lacks something. 

"Thar she blows" doesn't transform bull whales into cows. Rather, "she" is a placement term for a nonexistent neutral pronoun. Somehow "Thar it blows" doesn't get it.

Come to think of it, English speakers seem to prefer feminine pronouns for most everything. Evidence, no doubt, of a matriarchal society immersed in gender bias against men.

(German is even worse. Trying to sort out which nouns are feminine, masculine, or neutral is maddening. If there is a pattern, I've never seen it. One just has to know.)

With the exception of Adolf Hitler who thought of Germany as "the Fatherland" we typically personify nations as feminine. "God bless America," we sing. "Stand beside her and guide her."

Nature is feminine. We say, "Mother Nature" and "Mother Earth."  

It appears that the Archbishop of Canterbury is attempting to align Christianity with the prevailing politically correct Zeitgeist. Today's milieu favors fake feminism and gender neutrality. If tomorrow's milieu favors National Socialism, will the Archbishop of Canterbury imagine the disciples goosestepping around Galilee?

If Christians had God's gender wrong for two thousand years, one has to wonder: What else did they get wrong? Did they also get the virgin birth wrong? And what about the resurrection? Did they get that wrong as well?

The bottom line is that today's Christian faith rests upon a foundation of fundamentals held to be true for centuries. If one of those fundamentals is incorrect, any could be incorrect. Today's Christianity would be founded on foolishness and would be nonsensical with no reason to exist. We would need no Christianity, no Church of England, and no Archbishop of Canterbury. 

And a side note: Past Archbishops of Canterbury have always been males and the current office holder was ultimately appointed by the head of the church, Queen Elizabeth. The queen is, in case the Archbishop hadn't noticed, a woman; more evidence of a prevailing matriarchal society.  

From theguardian.com ▼

What is the view from the pews? A YouGov poll suggests 36% of British Christians see God as a man, but 41% say God does not have a gender. An intriguing 3% believe God has a “different human gender identity”, while a more relatable 19% say they don’t have a clue.

What about Ariana Grande? Her hit single puts her with the 1% who told YouGov they believe God is a Woman, although Grande cites sketchy theological evidence (“I feel it after midnight / A feelin’ that you can’t fight”).



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