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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

November 12, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Question the Jewish holocaust and expect an extended stay of one of Germany's gated communities, aka, prisons. Join the Nationalist Socialist Party and expect similar consequences.

Commit 107 crimes and roam Deutschland with impunity, providing you're a foreign insurgent posing as an asylum seeker. 

That seems to be the norm in post-sane Europe. 

After using a meat cleaver while confronting a saleswoman, the 59-year-old Ghanaian may be forced to chat with a psychiatrist. 

From bz-berlin.de ▼KARIN HENDRICH (Google translation)

Incredibly 107 times, Bismark B. (59) was caught by the police. When driving in the black. But especially when clawing. He was never punished.

Due to insolvency he was allowed to run again and again. But on 18 November 2017, the nearly 1.60 meter tall Ghanaian went too far, threatening a saleswoman with a kitchen cleaver. On Tuesday, the process started because of robbery theft.

Thieving regular
"The man was a regular guest" with us on the Kudamm, said Rewe employee Martina K. (53). But one that you do not want. "He came three or four times a week for years and stole food." That the stolen goods were taken away from him in the store, he left under protest, but without resistance. Made only before the shop his frustration with swearing guns air.

The Witness: "He ignored house bans, claimed he owned the business. He could take what he wanted. "The choice of the accused always fell on the more expensive brand articles. He then recorded everything in a book he had brought with him.

Criminal proceedings always ended due to a certified by the expert paranoid schizophrenia with attitude or acquittal.

Suddenly he became violent
But on that Saturday morning Bismark B., who had been so peaceful so far, had changed for the first time after serving himself on the toastbread rack. This time he did not let his loot just take off. The saleswoman: "He suddenly kicked me in the chest with his foot. Had not a customer stood behind me, I would have been beaten. "He threatened to kill her. Her colleague Andreas H. (35), who came to her help: "I just wanted to kick him out as always. There I saw the knife ... It has never been so aggressive. "

Yet the notorious thief was released shortly after his arrest. Until five months later, in a drugstore, the claw of seven packs of shower gel again by force and the words "Do not touch me. I kill you, "defended. Now, finally, the court is examining whether Bismark B. belongs as a general danger to society in psychiatry.


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