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November 4, 2018 --, the free speech social media site that is bypassing Internet censors, is back online after a short hiatus. Antifa (anti-first amendment) extremists apparently convinced domain hosting company,, to de-platform

Some mainstream far-left media pundits couldn't contain their exuberance and published widely-read Internet posts connecting to a criminal who went postal at a Pittsburgh synagogue. In so doing the pundits unwittingly created media buzz that may have attracted millions of Internet users to; a public relations coupe that would have costs, perhaps, millions of dollars had an advertising agency created the same buzz for a fee.

Apparently the far left considers anyone whose speech it can't control to be worthy of euthanasia. To justify their hate and intolerance, the far left accuses free-speechers of hate and intolerance. 

So, we conclude: If hate and intolerance is justification for euthanasia, then the far left may be justly euthanized. 

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