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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

November 7, 2018

One may wonder: Why were Hitler-era Germans willful accomplices to death camps? And one may wonder: Why are today's Americans willful accomplices to death clinics?

Let me explain.

When you see a yard sign, billboard, or other medium promoting a Democrat candidate, you see an advertisement favoring atrocities that far exceeded those attributed to Hitler's National Socialists. 

60,858,609 babies have been killed in American death clinics since 1973; more than ten times the number of Jews said to have been killed in Hitler's death camps. By the time you read this article, the number will have increased. The slaughter continues.

While the actual number of Jews killed in Hitler's death camps can't be documented (I know of only one), the number of babies killed in America's death clinics is documented by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and statistics are available through 2014. 

One may wonder: Why were Germans willful accomplices to Hitler's atrocities? Why would they actually support a regime that murdered 6-million innocent people? Answer: They weren't. Few Germans were aware of the death camps and, even today, the extent of the Holocaust is hotly debated by scholarly revisionists. 

One may wonder: Why are Americans willful accomplices to abortion atrocities? Why would they support a government that murdered 60-millon innocent people? Answer: They are, in my opinion, fascists. Every American is aware of the death clinics and no one denies their extent. 

The Democratic Party is the enabler that allowed 60-million innocent Americans to be killed in death clinics. When you see Democrat signs in your neighbor's lawn, bill boards along your city streets, or media ads; imagine each covered with a swastika. 

Today's Democrats are fully aware of death clinics. Hitler-era Nazis were unaware of death camps. Today's Democrats are worse than Hitler-era Nazis.

And, again, no one can document the extent of the Jewish Holocaust. Many scholars debunk it altogether. No one questions the reality that over 60-million innocent Americans have been killed in death clinics since 1973.  

Fascists who are complicit with America's death clinics are advocating a death-camp final solution to dispose of the remains of aborted babies. Apparently they are running out of freezer space. According to the Los Angeles Times, some states are considering incinerating the remains of those who lives ended in America's death clinics. That is the same solution attributed to the evil Nazis, though there is no evidence of which I am aware than even one Jew was actually gassed, then burned. Crematoria at Hitler's interment camps disposed of those who succumbed to typhus and other natural causes.   

America's fascists like to coddle themselves with the term, "pro-choice." 

A more accurate term would be, "holocaust enabler."

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