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November 3, 2018 --A German farmer startled a man raping one of his sheep. The suspect, described by witnesses as "dark skinned," took flight leaving behind earphones and a sock. He ran into an electric fence, then fled, the report said.

Ethnic Germans are light skinned. They often have blonde hair and blue eyes. Migrants (invaders) from Muslim-majority nations tend to be dark skinned. We conclude that the alleged pervert was not ethnic German but an Islamic insurgent. 

The sheep was euthanized due to an apparent ruptured rectum.

Without the help of media bias we would conclude that diversity from s**t-hole countries is not our strength and that Islam should be banned. While banning an ideology may seem extreme, Germany and other nations have banned National Socialism for decades. Muslims, however, commit far more atrocities than Nation Socialists.  

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Disgusting: Man caught in intercourse with sheep

A sheep farmer in Velden (county Landshut) wanted to feed his animals: Since he caught a man during intercourse with a sheep.

As the police say, the sheep farmer wanted to feed his black-headed sheep in the feed barn with open pasture on Saturday morning around 5.10 clock. He made a shocking discovery: At the feeding site, he saw a man kneeling behind one of his sheep, in a clear position, during sexual intercourse with the animal.

When the stranger saw the sheep breeder, he was startled and immediately took flight. The man was still running into an electric fence that confined the sheep pasture, and then fled in an unknown direction. At the scene he left a sock and an earphone. The items were secured for forensic investigation.

A summoned veterinarian found a violation of the sheep, which clearly indicates sodomistic acts by the offender. According to reports, it should have suffered a ruptured rectum through the sexual act. The animal had to be slaughtered for this injury.

Man flees for sex with sheep: This is how the suspect is described

The suspect is a dark-skinned man, about 25 years old, with a slender figure.

The police inspection Vilsbiburg has started the investigation. If you have any suggestions, please call 08741/96270.

Velden: Man in district Landshut caught in sexual intercourse with sheep


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