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November 14, 2018 -- Leftists continue to project their hate and intolerance on others ... worldwide. 

Using hate to attack hate seems a bit disingenuous if not hypocritical. 

Marcia Langton, whose academic focus is on indigenous rights, justice, and artistic expression, wrote in March that she wishes "a slow, painful death and humiliating obituaries" on a senator she apparently considers a "white supremacist, homophobic, far right wing arsehole."

"Australians look forward to a life without hate," she concluded. 

The target of her hate is Mark Latham. The Twitter post is making its rounds again because Latham just confirmed his decision to be a candidate for the patriotic One Nation party in Australia. One Nation opposes the dispossession of white Australians by invasive migrants from Africa and elsewhere.

The post on Twitter read:

    @RealMarkLatham you so deserve a slow, painful death and humiliating obituaries eg “Australia celebrates as white supremacist, homophobic, far right wing arsehole finally dies” “Australians look forward to a life without hate”

    — Marcia Langton (@marcialangton) March 10, 2018

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