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November 5, 2018 -- Never trust the far-left mainstream media. 

A report of armed civilians trekking towards the American border with Mexico was accompanied by a photo of a cute little Hispanic girl likely from Honduras. The imagery suggests that the invaders are harmless and the armed civilians are over-reacting. 

The 98-image slide show that accompanies the article is stacked with images of women and children. [source]

Take aways:

• Are the caravan organizers using women and children to shield terrorists, violent drug dealers, and human traffickers?

•  This is a classic example of lying by omission.

By omitting images of terrorists and criminals embedded in the caravans, the far-left mainstream media creates a false perception of reality. We must wonder: What other "news" stories are skewed to fit the left's agenda? What about convention history? Can it be trusted to be accurate? 

• It's quintessential leftsploitation. 

The far-left politicians in Honduras convince the most unskilled and least intelligent of their population that trekking to America will improve their lot in life. Once they arrive, however, they discover there are no jobs and educational programs that can lift their average IQs. On the plus side, the invaders gain access to our emergency rooms, schools, and other government services. The leftsploitation north of the borders salivates at the thought of adding thousands of present and future voters who will support their Marxist agenda.  

Writing for American Thinker, Monica Showalter quotes former longtime Honduran consul general in Arizona, Tony Banegas:

. . . he said they were being "exploited" because they weren't going to succeed here in the states, they simply didn't have the education or skills. Left unsaid, but obvious enough, they were being exploited by the left here, too, either as a means of expanding social services bureaucracies, adding to the warm-body count for districts that justify congressional seats, or serving as actual votes for Democrats. Someone here wants them here, and who cares if they can't make it here and are going to be grossly disappointed?


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