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November 4, 2018 -- Once again we hear nothing but cricket chirping as fake feminists ignore the gang rape culture that seems innate to Islam. 

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RTL reporter Kyrill Ring interviewed criminologist Christian Pfeiffer. And what does the expert say? "All gang-related offenses require much more effort, especially when it comes to foreign suspects where you do not understand the language right away, where you need interpreters, where you also have to explore the networks, the suspicion that something is deliberately covered up wrong, the politics does not interfere, "said Pfeiffer.

Also in the mass rape in Freiburg, it took two weeks, until the act became public. Experts note: The phenomenon of gang rape by asylum seekers in Germany is increasing. Security expert Arnold Plickert: "We did not know these group crimes before 2015, that's why it came here with the wave of refugees over here and is largely carried out here by Arab men from their culture here."

In the case of Munich, the facts are still thin even weeks later. It's one word against the other. The main culprit claims that the sex was consensual.


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