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November 12, 2018 -- Keep a close eye on South Africa. It's a harbinger for America and other Western nations who are being dispossessed by third-world insurgents. 

South Africa has BEE laws that require rigid racist hiring quotas. Content of character and other merit markers, such as intelligence, experience, and training, bear little weight in hiring. The outcome is made evident at South Africa's post office where about 13-million packages remain undelivered.

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A backlog of millions of items still waiting to be delivered at the Johannesburg nerve centre of the Post Office is being cleared as fast as possible.

That’s according to Sapo CEO Mark Barnes.

Barnes says there have been some improvements in clearing the domestic mailing backlog but they still need to catch up with international deliveries, reports

    We started off in April with a 46 million item backlog and we are now down to a 7.8 million backlog.

Mark said.

    We are finding ourselves, 20 years behind, getting into a postal service that is a modern digitised, efficient e-commerce driven world and we are just starting that catch-up.

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  1. Very true... I'm still waiting for parcels bought in early June.


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