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November 8, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- 1,265 criminal offenses were committed by residents living at a single refugee center in Dresden, Germany over a period spanning nine months from January thorugh September.  642 "residents" live at the "reception facility".

For emphasis the numbers again are:

1,265 offenses
642 residents
9 months
1 center

Some believe there may be a few criminals embedded among the hordes of Islamic "migrants" invading Western Europe. 

More likely there may be a few non-criminals imbedded among the hordes of criminals. 

The Islamic slugs who are invading Western Europe are not highly intelligent, highly skilled people determined to contribute to their host countries. 

From sz-online.de ▼ By Andreas Weller / Google translation

In the initial reception facility on the Hamburger Straße it crashes again and again - despite the security concept.

Refugee accommodation on Hamburger Straße has long been in the focus of violence. Fights and attacks on the security personnel led to a special security concept being set in June. Now has the AFD member of parliament André Wendt by small request, the current figures of Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) received. From January to the end of September, the police registered 1 265 offenses perpetrated by 642 residents of the initial reception center.

By far the most frequently listed offenses are 364 violations of the Residence Act. This is followed by 299 thefts and 175 embezzlement of low-value items, as the police call it. There were 97 serious thefts and in 69 cases were drug offenses. The deeds that are accused of the residents include 41 cases of dodgy driving.

Violent crime also appears in the list, but much less common. So there were 20 injuries and 33 dangerous bodily injuries, 13 cases of gang theft with weapons, robbery theft twelve times, four cases of robbery, two assaults on law enforcement officers, a predatory blackmail and one person was arrested for manslaughter. In addition, a particularly serious breach of the peace and disturbance of public peace by the threat of criminal offenses were registered. There were seven sexual offenses such as harassment and abuse of children.

Wendt rates the numbers as "frightening". "It becomes obvious here that among the asylum seekers there are many offenders who jeopardize our security and therefore have no business in our country." He demands that asylum procedures for crimes be stopped immediately and the perpetrators deported.


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