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October 13, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Four young males surrounded a 22-year-old German mother and her little children at a train station. The thugs demanded money and threatened to harm the kinder if the mother failed to comply. 

The thugs spoke with foreign accents.

From pi-news.net ▼ Google translation


What happened ? According to police investigations so far, the 22-year-old mother, along with her infant, 18-month-old child and three-year-old son, was in the area around the bus station on Vennhauser Allee when she noticed four "aliens" in the stop area: "I came from the Shopping and wanted to drive to my mother to Garath. I noticed that four young men overtook me, stopped, circled me. "One of the perpetrators shoved them and ordered," Give us your money! "The mother of three tried to scare off the aggressive Southerners first," But then one has mine Boys grabbed the arm and told me to give them my money. He threatened: Otherwise something will happen. "

"Money", otherwise the children would have to believe it

The other gifts from the group meanwhile stood around the stroller in which the siblings were. The 22-year-old was worried about her three-year-old child and agreed to pay 20 euros: "Fortunately, I had some money with me". After that, the robbers / blackmailers ran away. "You looked foreign. At the stop was at this time only an elderly man. He did not help. "Why? Luckily, her little ones did not really know what happened there. The infant and the 18-month sibling lay in the stroller during the robbery.

A police spokesman: "We take the incident very seriously." The Düsseldorf police are now looking for witnesses: All four perpetrators were about 20 to 22 years old, 1.70 meters tall and slim, had dark hair. The main culprit wore a white jogging suit with black stripes and a baseball cap. They extorted the Duesseldorf "with a foreign accent".

The Dusseldorf Umvolkungs police report from 9.10. literally:

"A young mother was the victim of a robbery in Eller yesterday afternoon in the presence of her three small children. Four strangers had threatened the young woman and her three-year-old son so severely that she felt forced to hand over 20 euros in cash. After the suspects will be searched.

"According to police investigation so far, the 22-year-old injured woman was sitting in the bus station on Vennhauser Allee with her infant, 18-month-old child and three-year-old son when she noticed the four young men in the bus stop area. One of the people spoke to her and demanded the surrender of cash, which she denied. As a result, the person grabbed the arm of their three-year-old son and threatened to do something to the child. The other people in the group meanwhile stood around the stroller, where the siblings were. The injured party then handed over 20 euros in cash. After the deed, the group took off in the direction of the train stop ".


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