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October 31, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- A white man was bashed by African thugs in broad daylight as the hero attempted to stop the group from stealing phones from a store. 

The attack was captured via video. 

Click here to view the video ►

White people prefer tidy lawns, traditional families, and law-and-order. Invading migrants from Africa — most from Sudan — possess different cultural values that are likely rooted in genetic predispositions to violent tribalism similar to that seen in America's urban centers. 

From dailymail.co.uk ▼ Charlie Coe

Our mean streets: Man is bashed with chair during brutal assault by three teenage thugs after confronting them for stealing phones from a Vodafone store

    A brave man was beaten by three thugs in a shocking attack caught on camera
    The footage shows the man chased into the road before being kicked repeatedly
    He reportedly then fled back into the Vodafone shop where he was barricaded in
     Police are not investigating the incident as the victim has not pressed charges

A brave man was viciously bashed by three teenage thugs on Monday in a shocking attack after he confronted them for stealing mobile phones from a shop.

Shocking footage filmed outside the Vodafone shop in Melbourne, Victoria, captured the thee teens chasing the victim into the street - before one of them punches him to the ground.

One of the youths then throws a chair at him before all three start kicking the man.

A witness who saw the attack unfold just after 5.30pm said the victim's choice to confront the group of youths left him 'bleeding from his ear and face.'

The man fled back into the store, Channel 7 reports, where staff barricaded him inside.



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  1. After years of entertaining footage of the lovable African-Americans, it's always great to sneak in a few shots of the adoring African-Africans in action as well. And all our soul brothers and sisters from "the continent" itself. We should also give thanks that on both sides of the bond, there's never a shortage of either tribe of our soul men willing to film themselves irrespective of heinous incriminating behavior. So can ya feel me? Maw Fuggas???


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