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October 30, 2018

DAILYKENN.com --Insurgents from Central America are marching northwards with the intent of invading the United States. Upon crossing the border the invaders — called "migrants" by the far-left mainstream media — will seek asylum making their presence in the USA legal. 

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter suggests that a military invasion of Mexico is a valid alternative to stop the "migrant" invasion. 

One should consider that many serving the US military are Hispanic and may be reluctant to fully cooperate with an invasion. Some could even attempt to sabotage such an effort.

According to newsweek.com, Coulter told Fox News:

“We didn’t ask for Iraq’s approval to go in, we didn’t ask for Afghanistan’s approval to go in. Other than sitting on oil, most of these Middle Eastern countries, they’re not going to kill Americans.”


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