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Real horror story:
Airline adopts gender-denial policy

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October 20, 2018 -- Fraser Anning, a senator in the Australian state of Queensland, has proposed a plebiscite that would effectively make Australia white again. 

The motion was rejected due to anti-white racism that permeates Australia's senate. 

Australia was colonized by white settlers who transformed the wasteland into an amazing showplace of advanced technology that has enhanced the lives of the native aboriginals. Australia's prosperity is attracting hordes of migrants, many of whom are engaged in street violence and terrorism. 

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Senators have killed off any prospect of a national vote on returning to the White Australia policy.

Queensland senator Fraser Anning was proposing a plebiscite on ending non-white immigration.

"The bill only asks for a plebiscite to give the Australian people a say on who comes to this country," he told parliament on Thursday.

"I can't think of anything more democratic than that, but apparently everyone else in this room can."

Senator Anning tried to postpone debate on his proposed legislation until next month.


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