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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

October 20, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- The expansion of Islam has its consequences: Most notably the persecution of Christians and others who dare to differ. 

Secular governments also hold a dim view of Christianity. Both China and North Korea are offenders worth noting. 

Christianity in Western nations is being stigmatized as the incubator and reservoir of the white privilege virus and, consequently, worthy of hate. 

Muslims are also victims of virulent hate -- by other Muslims. 

Last month 771 people of color were killed by Islamic hate groups. Most of the victims were also Muslim; but Christians are routinely attacked as well. A black Nigerian pastor and his family were blockaded in their home and burned alive in September, 2018, for example; a hate crime that failed to be reported by the mainstream media. 

Last week (Oct 13-19, 2018) about 215 people of color were killed by Islamic hate groups in multiple hate crime attacks. Another 163 were injured. source

From churchinneed.org ▼

In almost all the countries reviewed, thesituation for Christians has declined since2015 as a result of violence and oppression.This is especially significant given the rate ofdecline in the immediate run-up to the periodunder review. The one exception is SaudiArabia, where the situation was already sobad it could scarcely get any worse.u In Iraq, the exodus of Christians hascontinued to be very severe, but hope is onthe horizon with communities returning totheir homes.

This same exodus is threatening the survivalof Christianity in parts of Syria includingAleppo, formerly home to one of the largestChristian communities in the whole of theMiddle East.

Daesh (ISIS) and other Islamist militantgroups have committed genocide in Syriaand Iraq.

Governments in the West and the UN failedto offer Christians in countries such as Iraqand Syria the emergency help they neededas genocide got underway. If Christianorganizations and other institutions had notfilled the gap, the Christian presence couldalready have disappeared in Iraq and otherparts of the Middle East.

The defeat of Daesh and other Islamists inmajor strongholds of the Middle East offers thelast hope of recovery for Christian groupsthreatened with extinction. Many would notsurvive another similar violent attack.

Daesh affiliate Boko Haram has carriedout genocide against Christians in northernNigeria.

Christians have suffered increased violenceand oppression as a result of a rise in religiousnationalism. In India, for example, persecutionhas risen sharply since the 2014 rise to powerof the right-wing Hindu nationalist BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) led by Prime MinisterNarendra Modi.

In China, where the President has describedChristianity as “a foreign infiltration”, increasedhostility to Church communities, accused ofresisting government control, has resulted inthe widespread removal of crosses fromchurches and the destruction of churchbuildings. Some regional authorities havebanned Christmas trees and greetings cards.u In worst-offending North Korea, “unspeakableatrocities” against Christians include enforcedstarvation, abortion and reports of faithful beinghung on crosses over a fire and others beingcrushed under a steamroller.


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