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October 14, 2018

DAILYKENN.com --Moonbats thrive in the German climate. Among them is Katharina Schulze, delusional Green Party candidate in today's (2018-10-14) Bavarian election. 

Schulze seems to believe that old white men are to blame form resisting the Islamic invasion of Western Europe. She is correct. However, old white women are also resisting as are hordes of patriotic young Germans; some of who recently interrupted a campaign event featuring Schulze. 

Hat tip: Voice of Europe 


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  1. Odd she's even upset. She'll likely spend the rest of life in a 3rd world flood anyway.

  2. after they enrich her with some fondleing,gropeing,violence,rape..she may come to her senses...but probably not..she kept her "welcome" signs as a momento


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