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October 27, 2018

DAILYKENN.com --Confession is good for the soul?

Actually, confession is a powerful mind control and thought reform technique employed by communist China prior to and during the cultural revolution. It continues to be a staple of religious cults. 

Here's the reason: We eventually tend to believe what we continually confess. The challenge is to force or otherwise bully someone to confess.

When one continues to confess their "white privilege," they eventually begin to believe they actually are endowed with unfair advantages.  

When exposing eight elements of thought reform as utilized by dangerous cults, Dr. Robert J Lifton cited what he called the "ethos of confession."

"If somebody is kept confessing you can achieve control of his or her guilt and shame mechanisms. And there is no greater control that one can achieve over another human being."

White privilege is a placement term for "bourgeois," the oppressive half of the Marxist paradigm. The oppressed half is termed "proletariat" (people of color). When one confesses his/her white privilege, he/she is embraced the Marxist myth. 

So, it boils down to this stain in the pan: (China, 1958) Confess you're an imperialist pawn, or be tortured. (USA,  2018) Confess your white privilege or lose your source of income. 

From wallstreetjournal.com ▼By Shalini Ramachandran and Joe Flint

Mr. Hastings had recently fired his chief communications officer for saying the “N-word” in full form. The executive, who is white, was attempting to make an emphatic point during a meeting about offensive words in comedy programming and said the slur wasn’t directed at anyone.

The incident touched a nerve inside the streaming-video giant. The company’s handling of the ensuing backlash put on stark display the “Netflix way”—a culture where radical candor and transparency are among the highest virtues, and where openly discussing whether people should be fired, and explaining why they were, are common rituals.

The executive in question, Jonathan Friedland, “sunshined” his misdeed—Netflix lingo for an apology or act of transparency in front of colleagues—in the hopes it would blow over. It didn’t. After anger bubbled up in the ranks, Mr. Hastings fired Mr. Friedland in June, and sent a companywide email saying he had come to grips with his own “privilege.”



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  1. white privilege is a myth..they want to control your thinking with slogans..stupid

  2. Confessions are similar to apologies. A long obsolete "I'm sorry" statement that nobody accepts anymore any way. Most of all the people who demand them.


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