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October 18, 2018

 (Policia Federal de Mexico/Released)

DAILYKENN.com -- Mexico dispatched 200 federal troops to stop a Honduran caravan of aliens hell-bent on invading the United States via Mexico. 

The caravan consists of an estimated 4,000 invaders. 

While the invasion force most likely includes a massive number of violent criminals, drug traffickers, and human traffickers, the far-left mainstream media prefers to publish photos of the children accompanying them. 

From usatoday.com ▼ David Agren

The government of Mexico dispatched two 727 Boeing planes filled with federal police officers to its southern border with Guatemala on Wednesday to intercept a caravan of Central American migrants who are trying to reach the U.S. border.

The Interior and Foreign Relations ministries said in a joint statement that any migrant in the caravan without proper immigration papers would be arrested and “returned to their country of origin.” Those with proper documents or wishing to apply for asylum would be allowed to enter Mexico.

The caravan of migrants set out last week from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, which has long been one of the hemisphere's most violent cities with a murder rate ranking among the highest in the world.

The group of migrants swelled to an estimated 4,000 people even as President Donald Trump has condemned them and threatened to cut aid to Honduras if government officials do not cooperate in preventing their trip to the U.S.



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  1. Great job , Trump!
    Next, lets stop partaking in retarded wars for israel in the middle east, remove our troops from places like north korea and vietnam and start lining them up on our southern border where criminals and deadly ,addictive destructive narcotics are flowing in from

  2. can anyone reading this imagine the racial implications and outrage that OUR news media would claim if say our nation was shipping a drug like heroin and fentanyl that was responsible for 75000 of their young people dying ?
    it would be considered totally racist and they would rightfully be waging a war against us and our nation as we should be doing to mexico.
    Mexico is an extremely hostile nation to the USA and should be treated as the enemy they are.


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