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October 9, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Some white Americans are longing for a genuinely diverse culture in which whites are divided from non-whites.

But will it happen? Should it happen? Can it happen?

East European nations are standing their ground in opposition to the Islamic invasion of their region while patriot leaders from France and Italy are promising to storm Brussels in upcoming European Union elections. The objective is to preserve the 35,000-year-old cultural heritage of Europe.

But what about the USA and Australia? 

While Europeans built Australia out of nothing, those moving to The New World found warring tribe of natives a constant impediment to development. Even though the USA maintained its European character from colonial times through most of the 20th century, the nation has always been multicultural. The first national census taken in 1800 found about 20 percent of the population was black and 80 percent was white. Indians were not counted. 

A conversation about race is required.

Can America regain its European character? Why are whites so reluctant to preserve their heritage? Who convinced us that we are "racist" for even considering the value of defending white culture? 

The questions are addressed in this video conversation moderated by attorney Bill Johnson, and includes Canadian activist Paul Fromm, noted radio personality James Edwards, and Internet activist Kyle Rogers.  


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