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October 9, 2018 -- In spite of Donald Trump's gestures to Israel, a cadre of Jewish American billionaires are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the coffers of Democratic Party candidates to assure a left-wing, globalist majority in the US House of Representatives and, possibly, the US Senate. 

Fox News identifies the billionaires as: 

• Selwyn Donald Sussman 

He donated nearly $20 million to various Democratic outside groups, including House Majority PAC and Senate Majority PAC (SMP) which aim to retake the U.S. House and Senate from Republicans.

• Michael Bloomberg

But just last month, the billionaire’s spending on House races surpassed the $80 million he initially promised and is likely to spend as much as $100 million in the final stretch of the midterms, Axios reported.

• Tom Steyer

Steyer's father was Jewish and known as a prosecutor at the Nuremburg trials. 

Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer is gearing up to spend at least $110 million this election cycle in a bid to push the Democratic Party leftward and unseat dozens of Republicans. So far he has spent over $41 million in disclosed donations on outside groups between 2017 and 2018, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

• James Simons

So far, during this election cycle, Simons directed $12 million to outside PACs. Another $2 million was donated to candidates, parties and traditional PACs by him and his wife Marilyn. He also directly contributed $500,000 to the mysterious “Red and Gold” PAC that tried to undermine McSally’s bid in the GOP primary.

• Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, is one of Silicon Valley’s top donors to the Democrats. While compared to other billionaires, Hoffman’s donations aren’t as big – a mere $7 million this election cycle – his influence spans beyond contributions to Democratic PACs.


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