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October 20, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- The archbishop of Italy wants migrants to replace his nation's aging white population. 

Gian Carlo Perego says white Italians must welcome migrants, most of whom are non-white Islamic slugs, as "brothers."

The notion of a declining Italian population is a myth. 
Italy is not suffering a decline in population

First, the nation's population was 48.3 million in 1955. In 2018 the population is estimated at 60.5 million; that's a 25> percent increase in my lifetime. source source

Second, as Italy is overrun by Islamic slugs, white flight may compel the nation's most innovative and resourceful taxpayers to find refuge from the "refugees". 

Third, migrants from north Africa have average IQs of about 85 while those from sub-Saharan Africa tend to have IQs of about 70; the threshold for mental retardation. An influx of unproductive aliens will not bolster the Italy's economy, but tank it as insurgents live on the dole. source

Fourth, the population of what is now Italy was estimated to be about 7-million to 10-million 2,000 years ago when Rome emerged as a world leader. There is no correlation between population size and prosperity. 

Fifth, a few years ago the far left was bemoaning 'over population', claiming the increase in humanity was taxing the global ecosystem. 

Sixth, a more plausible solution would be to support large traditional families by denouncing fake feminism while providing tax-breaks and other incentives to homemakers relative to the number of natural born children under the age of 18. 

Turning Italy into a third-world nation through the invasion of non-white Africans is no solution — unless, of course, the objective is to destroy Western culture by overrunning it with non-white migrants. In that case the archbishop's plan will be a stunning success. 

From international.la-croix.com ▼

In Northern Italy's region of Emilia Romagna, a bastion of the left for 40 years, the League Party of Matteo Salvini is sweeping away the country's traditional political parties.

The fear of immigration and displacement is pushing an aging population towards the League, especially in the Emilian city of Ferrara.

Archbishop Gian Carlo Perego of Ferrara-Comacchio wants to convince people that migrants are the future of Italy, a country where the population is in free fall.


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