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October 17, 2018 -- Wanna punch a Nazi? 

Simple. Just imagine anyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi and start swinging. 

Why would anyone do such a thing? 

Because civil discourse is beyond reach of most left-leaning Neanderthals who lack the intellectual capacity (or fail to use it) to formulate a realistic and objective world view. 

In their frustration, they throw a fist, kick, scream, chant, or otherwise vent their frustrations caused by cognitive dissonance, the consequence of comparing reality to one's ideological delusions. 

From ▼ Theo Keith 

State Representative Sarah Anderson of Plymouth said she had confronted a man for kicking her campaign sign when he charged at her. First-time candidate Shane Mekeland of Becker said he suffered a concussion after a man punched him in the face at a Benton County restaurant.



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