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October 12, 2018 -- Professors and other college instructors in Germany who abuse their positions by injecting far-left ideologies into their classrooms may soon find themselves being outed by their victims. 

Germany's patriotic Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party is encouraging students to report offending instructors to authorities, citing that nation's neutrality code. Germany's neutrality code forbids teachers from promoting political views in classrooms. 

The far-left mainstream media imbued reports with implicit accusations of racism and compared AfD's call for accountability to East Germany's Stasi secret police.

From ▼ By Melissa Eddy 
(warning: extreme bias may occur)

A far-right German political party is calling on students and their families to report teachers who air their political views in school, leading to charges that the party has revived the methods of the dreaded East German state police.

A website run by the Alternative for Germany party, also known as the AfD, urges students and parents to send information about teachers violating the country’s neutrality code, which forbids them from promoting their political views in classrooms. The party suggested that offenses could range from “crude criticism of the AfD to incorrect and subjective learning materials,” to outright calls to take part in anti-AfD protests.

Katarina Barley, the country’s justice minister, joined teachers’ organizations on Thursday in decrying the measure as an attempt by the AfD to limit democracy in the classroom and intimidate teachers, citing parallels between the party’s efforts and those of the Stasi, the secret police in the former East Germany, who turned millions of citizens into informers on their neighbors, teachers, friends, co-workers and even family members.

“Anyone who incites students to spy on their teachers brings Stasi methods back to Germany,” she wrote on Twitter. “Organized denunciation intends to set us against each other and drive a wedge into society.”

The governments of both Nazi Germany and Communist East Germany encouraged people to report on their fellow citizens who were seen as posing a threat to the ruling order, cultivating a culture of unease and suspicion that still resonates with many Germans today.

The AfD rejects the criticism and the Stasi parallel, and insists that the online site it started last month is a tool to help parents who feel their children are being manipulated by schools and teachers, some of whom they say have encouraged pupils to take part in anti-AfD demonstrations.



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