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October 14, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- The fertility rate is Sweden among ethnic Swedish women is 1.78. That is, the average couple is giving birth to 1.78 babies; obviously not sufficient to replicate themselves. 

Meanwhile, newly arrived immigrants are making babies at a higher rate. Over time the fertility rate of migrants women in Sweden tends to reflect that of ethnic Swedes, the report says. 

From scb.se ▼

Downward trend in childbirth

Published: 2018-10-09

Swedish women's childbirth has fallen in recent years. Past falls in fertility have had links to the economy or family policy, but it is hard to find clear explanations for today's decline.

In Sweden, fertility has varied a lot over the years compared with many other European countries. There is much that can affect the inclination of having children different years, such as economic cycles and participation in working life as well as education. Even social factors such as any family policy that are being conducted affect.

Diagram Summary Fertility for women born in Sweden, born abroad and in total 1970-2017

The highest was fruitfulness in 1990. Then the fertility rate for Sweden-born women was 2.10. The lowest was in 1998 and 1999. Foreign-born women generally have somewhat higher fertility, often because of a so-called migration effect.

Foreign birth's childbirth

Foreign-born women in total have a higher childbirth than Sweden-born women in terms of periodic fertility rates. This is because, among other things, fertility is often higher for the first time in Sweden after immigration. A higher fertility in the early years is because it is common to move to Sweden to form a family or to have a deceased childbirth in immigration, for example because of their flight. It can be described as a migration effect. Newly immigrated people therefore contribute to some extent to raising the fertility rate for foreign born. Studies of foreign fertility in Sweden show, on the other hand, that foreigners born in time have a fertility that is similar to Sweden's birth. It is also because immigration and immigration mean that not all foreign-born women are present in Sweden throughout their fruitful period. A previous study conducted by Statistics Sweden showed that the average number of children born in foreigners born at age 45, both in Sweden and abroad, was approximately the same as for native-born.


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