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October 12, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Unknown persons hoisted a Christian cross near a landing point for Islamic insurgents — colloquially referred to as "migrants," "asylum seekers," and "refugees" by the far left — on the Greek island, Lesvos. 

That cross was toppled by globalists who deemed the imagery racist and offensive to Muslims. 

From lesvosnews.gr ▼ (Google translation)

In the evening in the Apelli area of ​​Lesvos, unknown people were shattered by a large white-colored cement cross that was erected over a beach used by Greeks and guests of illegal immigrants and refugees.

The Cross was erected around early September, and a few days later, "COURSE IN THE AEGEAN" sent to the Portmaster of Mytilene and to the Mayor of Lesvos a letter according to which the Cross was placed by strangers in order to prevent other people from coming to swim.

As her "ASSOCIATION IN AEGEAN" states in her letter, "this act is illegitimate unsightly (reminds of a tomb), but above all," he says, "insulting to the symbol of Christianity, a symbol of love and sacrifice, not racism and intolerance."

In closing the letter, "AEGEAN COOPERATION" asked the Harbor Master and the Mayor "to restore the arbitrariness and inappropriateness of the existence of a religious symbol in a bathers' place and its conversion into a tool of aspiring crusaders."

Eventually, yesterday evening, one month after the issue came forward with the sending of the NGO's letter to the local authorities, unknown people took the initiative and with much effort, as it seems, since the Cross was built with reinforced concrete, they managed to break it even though it still hangs on irons that were in the concrete.

So far, there has been no official announcement of the incident or a reaction from the "COURSE IN THE AEGEAN" that called for the removal of the Cross because it bothered the allegiance of illegal immigrants and refugees.

However, for the story the broken Cross found in the place as shown in the photo swimmers.

Please note that the phones and messages from readers of Lesvosnews.gr have been fired by angry friends asking for Church intervention and opening a bank account in order to raise a sum and make a new huge Cross !!!


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