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October 16, 2018

DAILYKENN.com --There are two ways to skew crime statistics that implicate black males. 

First: Stop arresting black criminals. Issue criminal warrants instead. Crime statistics will reflect a decrease is black arrests (though violent black crime will not decrease and may actually be encouraged.)

Second: Intelligent blacks (IQs north of 100) make more babies while dull blacks make fewer or no babies. Intelligence is both inherent and is a predictor of criminal behavior. Persons with IQs above 100 tend to commit far fewer crimes than those with IQ ranging from the mid 70s to mid 90s. 

The second strategy will actually work but is scorned by social engineers who demonize it with the "eugenics" pejorative. 

The first strategy is already being implemented. 

From wfae.org ▼ By Steve Harrison

In April, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police say two people robbed a convenience store on Gibbon Road in north Charlotte. While pointing handguns at the clerk, they shouted, “Money, Money, where’s the money!” and then took cash, according to an affidavit from CMPD.

But instead of approving an arrest warrant for one suspect, a Mecklenburg magistrate issued a criminal summons, requiring him to show up in court next month.

Charlotte defense attorney Bill Powers — who is not involved in the case — says having fewer people post bail is a good idea.

But not for armed robbery.

“I would say generally speaking there are some levels of offenses that may give one pause, or at least take an opportunity to scratch your head and ask what’s going on,” Powers said.

The new direction on bail is driven in part by Chief Magistrate Khalif Rhodes, who is running for District Court Judge against Karen McCallum, a senior district attorney.

Rhodes, who is appointed, oversees 34 magistrates who make decisions on whether to issue arrest warrants or criminal summons. The magistrates also often decide the amount of someone’s bail.

Rhodes is supervised by Chief District Judge Regan Miller, who makes no apologies for the change.


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