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October 8, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- "Diversity is our strength," they say.

That axiom seems to run divergent to observable and testable reality.

Case in point: A mob of about 100 black teens attacked passengers on a train in Melbourne, Australia. The teens were Sudanese aliens privileged to live in Australia as refugees. Now it appears white Australians need refuge from the refugees. 

We are left with two options: We can adopt shallow axioms when forming our wold views or we can align our thinking with reality. 

Reality is: White people built the nation of Australia from wilderness to high civilization. Reality is: Anti-social violence is universally innate to black communities. Reality is: Diversity is sometimes a strength and ofttimes a disaster.  Reality is: Importing migrants from sub-Saharan Africa will produce horrific consequences. 

from dailymail.co.uk ...

Riot squads called after passengers on a train were terrorised by a group of 100 out-of-control African teenagers

  • A group of up to 100 African-Australian youths terrorised train passengers
  • The commuters said the youths held train doors open and screamed abuse
  • Police were called to a Melbourne park at 7.30pm after reports of an assault 
  • Police found the group of youths in a reserve next to a railway station
  • Transit police and Protective Service Officers monitored the youths' movements
  • At least 25 riot squads were seen in the reserve and the railway station 


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