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September 10, 2018 -- She said she didn't want to fight. But the black bully punched her anyhow. 

Big mistake. 

Turns out the blond-haired, blue-eyed cheerleader knew how to handle herself. And it was captured on video. 

From New York Post ▼

A pint-size cheerleader in California pummeled another girl who challenged her to a fight while still in her uniform, a dramatic video shows.

The footage, posted early Saturday, purportedly shows Savannah Sprague, a cheerleader for Clayton Valley Charter High School, brutally beating an unidentified girl who had just challenged her to a fight as the cheerleader sat at a table in Concord while surrounded by other youngsters, some still holding their backpacks.

“Do you want to fight?” the girl tells Sprague, according to the 92-second clip.

“No, nobody wants to fight,” Sprague replies. “You guys want to fight us. Nobody speaks on you guys, nobody talks about you guys.”

Sprague then told the girl standing over her to get her finger out of her face, quickly escalating tensions as several witnesses looked on.

“What are you going to do?” the unidentified girl says. “Are you going to make me get back?”

“Don’t f–king touch me,” Sprague replies.

Seconds later, the unidentified girl slapped Sprague in the face, sparking a brutal fight in which Sprague got the best of her antagonistic counterpart. At one point, Sprague is seen on top of the other girl, pummeling her with vicious, repetitive, closed-fist blows to her back and face.

“Break it up, break that s–t up,” one person says off-camera as the girls collect themselves after the fight.

Other students at the scene reacted wildly after the melee, including one who spoke directly to the camera and said he loved “watching rumbles.”

Officials at Clayton Valley Charter High School — home of the Ugly Eagles — did not have an immediate comment when reached Monday morning by The Post. Sprague and the school’s cheerleading coach also did not return messages seeking additional comment.

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  1. Pick a fight and get your ass beat so sweet . Things didnt fo the way you though ahh tubby

  2. Weimerica twirls down the she'll be charged with a hate crime because we're supposed to let negroes murder us because it would be racist to fight back.
    You can bet your ass the local sheriffs are probably going to be pressured into calling this "hate" and "racism" ...

  3. of course had 6 blacks beaten her nearly to death while calling her a crakka and a honky, they'd never call that hate or pressure anyone to charge negroes with a "hate crime" or even of being "racist".

  4. And by segregation i mean they can go to africa and get out of our white Christian European land.
    We will NEVER be able to coexist with them and the jews will make sure of it.