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September 10, 2018 -- Great minds think alike, they say. Other times its a matter of plagiarism or something akin to it. 

Occasionally I will note others making statements I earlier posted and wonder: Are their writers absconding my material? Or are we merely thinking the same thoughts? 

Example: A few months back I referenced white and black supremacy, noting it hinged on whether we were discussing ice hockey or basketball. A similar statement — almost word-for-word — showed up later in an article attributed to a major syndicated columnist. 

Another example found another well-known journalist repeating my observation that, of the 7.6-billion people who inhabit the planet, none of us agree on everything all the time leading to the conclusion that — at the most — only one of us can be right; a statistical improbability that means we are all somewhat delusional. 

Now comes Prager's new video in which he harps on my well-worn theme: The vast difference between "leftist" and "liberal."

The words are NOT synonymous, I've said repeatedly. The word "liberal" has been absconded by the far-left, melted down and reforged to alter its meaning 180 degrees. 

Did Prager's writers get this from me? Or are we just walking the same road; Prager following a few steps behind? 

Time will tell as we monitor future presentations by Prager and others. 

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