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August 8, 2018 -- One black male has been arrested and two others are being sought according to recent reports after a 22-year-old white man was murdered in a skate park. 

Armand van Tonder and a friend were reportedly accosted by three black males bent on robbing the two. Van Tonder was shot and died at the scene. 

Had the races been reverse . . . 

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The family of Armand van Tonder is struggling to cope with their loss nearly three weeks after he was killed at a North Little Rock skate park.

"He's just free spirited and young people do certain things," says Paul Luttig of his 22 year old step son, Armand van Tonder. 

He says van Tonder liked to do anything outdoors, including skateboarding.

On July 16th van Tonder and a friend were at a North Little Rock skate park in the early morning hours when police say what appeared to be an aggravated robbery turned into a homicide. 

Two victims were shot, van Tonder died at the scene.

"It's just sad that there are criminals out there that can do what they want and take lives and they don't have any respect for life," says Luttig.

North Little Rock Police say about a week earlier there was an aggravated robbery at the park, but they've had no other reports of any violent crime this year and don't believe it's an unsafe place.

"It could be anywhere because a lot of incidents do happen in the color of the night," says Sgt. Amy Cooper, with NLRPD.

NLRPD arrested 4 suspects in connection with homicide.  Ladetrick Harris, 17, Davion Wright 17, Isiah Gilliam, 18 and Jack Banks III, 15 were all taken into custody. 

Armand's family says they're glad the suspects are off the street. 

"They can pay for what they've done to us and our family," says Luttig.

The family says since the murder, they're in the process of moving back to Bentonville where their three sons were raised and their middle one was laid to rest.

"There's nothing for us here," says Luttig.  "We don't want to be here."

Police are still investigating.  They say the suspects and victims didn't know each other and drugs don't appear to be involved. 


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