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August 1, 2018 -- There is a difference between being blind and being blindfolded. 

Does it matter? Either way we cannot see. 

But, yes. It does matter. 

Those who are blindfolded can regain sight at any moment by removing that which blindfolds. 

The fake media, fake historians, fake educational system, et al, convince us we live in very different world; a world in which all are equal. 

Why do we believe them?

There is something different about a people group that statistically, consistently, and universally lacks empathy and fills that void with violence. 

Why can't we see it? Or, when we do encounter it, why do we not acknowledge it?

The answers are manifold. Suffice it to say some are isolated; so far removed from the realities of "urban violence" that we simply do not comprehend its extent. They express shock when they actually do encounter it. 

Others are quite comfortable in their blindfolds; preferring to remain idle while a torrent of rage whirls around us and destroy countless thousands of lives of people like ourselves. We are satiated with a misdirected sense of morality; of being insulated and isolated from the "racist" moniker. Such denial is not ignorance. It is complicit. 

There are a few who are realists. We simply acknowledge reality as it really is. We are unfazed by the perennial thought reform techniques of the education system. We see clearly through and beyond the distortions of the entertainment industry. We are forever skeptical of the history as we are taught, having been fooled before but never again. 

The time has come for all to remove their blindfolds and drink in the harsh realities of life; realities that are indisputable and evidential: We are not all equal. We are not all the same. 

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Robert Wilson, 37, was shot and killed Friday night in Smyrna after attempting to stop the abuse of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy outside his hotel room.

A warrant has been issued for a suspect in the shooting, who Smyrna police said remained at large and considered armed and dangerous Monday afternoon.

Wilson, an Oakland High School graduate, had recently moved back to Middle Tennessee from Iowa with Hoskins.

The couple both work in Smyrna, and had been living at the Uptown Suites: Extended Stay hotel while they looked for the right apartment. 

On Friday night, Hoskins got a call from Wilson saying he could see a man who was holding a puppy by the throat.

“I dropped my phone and went running out there to see Rob saying, ‘why are you doing that,’” she said, “and the guy said it was his puppy and he just shot him.”

There were several witnesses in the area, according to police and Hoskins.

“All I could do was try to stop the bleeding,” Hoskins said. She put pressure on the gunshot wound in Wilson’s chest. A bystander also helped her put pressure on the wound, she said, but she didn’t catch his name.

Donavous Jerome Drennon, 35, of Smyrna has been charged with criminal homicide in connection with the shooting death of Robert Wilson in Smyrna on July 27. (Photo: Smyrna Police Department)


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