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August 11, 2018 -- 24-million Americans embrace alt-right beliefs, according to

I read the source report and saw no explicit mention of 24-million Americans agreeing with the alt-right. 

But let's assume is correct in its conclusion. 

The study seems to confirm my assertion that "far-right" is a mislabel attached to the mainstream by the far-left. It's what we once called the "silent majority."

What's more, the mainstream media should be more aptly referred to as "far-left media" or, as Donald Trump often notes, "fake news."

There are about 246,660,710 white Americans (including White Hispanics) according to 

Simple math informs us that the 24-million mentioned in the study is the equivalent of about ten percent of our nation's white population. 

• Such conclusions are easily skewed. Were I to do a survey, I would ask two questions: First, "Are you white?" Second, "Are you a patriot?"

Those who responded affirmatively to both questions would be considered a white nationalist. That, I suspect, would be about 95 percent of our nation's white population.

Alternatively, I could ask, "Do you believe one-plus-one equals two?" Those who answered yes would be classified as Hitlerites, considering that they agree with Adolf Hitler who also believed one-plus-one equals two. 

The original report offers this conclusion:

These data indicate that there is no single measure that can predict which white Americans will have the attitudes that form the basis of white identity politics. However, they provide some useful insights. First, they suggest that religious practices have a negligible effect on white people's racial attitudes. The rise of secularism in the electorate will have important political implications, but its impact on race relations may be insignificant.

• Studies aside, it's obvious that humans have an affinity for those like themselves. Atheists like to hang together and Catholics tend to gravitate to neighborhoods populated with other Catholics. There is a reason they call it "Chinatown" and sport fans tend to stick together. Affinity groups that are sorted by race abound (whites excepted). And try to find a non-black face in a gospel mass choir. After thousands of years American Indian tribes didn't mix it up but, rather, tended to massacre each other. 

Even if diversity were our strength it is clearly unnatural. 

* and other sites claim the number is 11-million rather than 24-million. 

Read a report on the study, "The Demography of the Alt-right" here.


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