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August 4, 2018 -- Jacaranda Lodge is a retirement center where elderly retirees go to feel safe. 

However, there is no safe refuge for elderly white people; particularly in South Africa. Viz...

An elderly resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he and his wife had moved to the Jacaranda retirement home in search of safer living conditions after being victims of crime nine times in their home in Dunveria.
All ethnic groups — including white people — have a human right to forge their destiny for their security and that of their posterity. 

White people, however, are not afforded the human right to their own neighborhoods, country clubs, affinity groups, professional associations, or congressional caucuses; let alone their own nations. 

That prompts the question: Who convinced white people that we — and we alone — are exempt from the fundamental human right of self-determination? Who continues to persuade us that protect our own constitutes racism?

The serial killer who brutally murdered three pensioners on separate occasions was arrested as he brazenly returned to Jacaranda Lodge at 1.30am this morning to strike again.

The serial killer who brutally murdered three pensioners on separate occasions  was arrested as he brazenly returned to Jacaranda Lodge at 1.30am this morning to strike again.

Alert security guards spotted the suspect lurking in the shadows of the old age home and apprehended him. Police rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect, who the night before, had allegedly slit the throat of 89-year-old Patricia Elizabeth Tugwell, the third victim within a month.

Eighty-nine-year-old pensioner, Patricia Elizabeth Tugwell, was found with her throat slit at her apartment in the Jacaranda Lodge, a retirement village in Pietermaritz Street, on Tuesday morning. According to the police report, Tugwell was found by a staff member in a pool of blood.

On July 21, an 89-year-old disabled man was also found murdered at the Jacaranda Lodge. He had been stabbed in the head. A pair of scissors was also found at the scene. Electronic goods were stolen.

A week prior, a 92-year-old resident at the Kenwyn Old Age Home, also on Pietermaritz Street, was found dead by a cleaner. It is believed the woman had been strangled to death while a small flat-screen TV and two cell phones were taken.

Police sources told Capital Newspapers that the 27-year-old suspect was positively linked through fingerprints to all three murders and another housebreaking in town.

This afternoon detectives were busy interrogating the suspect, doing a pointing out of the scene and recovery of exhibits. The suspect was expected to make a confession in court.


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